Dancebot is a smart dancing audio companion. It is a groovy robot that jives to the audio played through its speakers. Its intelligent algorithm allows it to process any audio passed through it and translate that into expressive movements. Dancebot likes to impress with its two little feet. It taps its feet and jives to upbeat tunes. It slides in silky sleek movements to bring out the sexy in slow pieces.

Cute Learning Robot Toy for Kids

Kids love to learn with Dancebot. Play audiobooks, nursery rhymes or any other educational media using Dancebot. Play an audiobook or nursery rhymes with Dancebot. It likes to move to the stories and songs. Dancebot’s animated movements will give your child an engaging session that makes learning a lot more fun.

Smart AI Technology

Dancebot knows a whole set of moves possible with a combination of the motion of the four joints. The algorithm then strings the movements together on the fly to make a delightful performance. This means that each time Dancebot dances to the same song, it will surprise you with a different routine.

What’s the secret behind Dancebot’s deft footwork? Dancebot has two motors in each leg. Each motor drives 360 degrees of rotation at each joint, allowing the Dancebot to express a full range of movements with the four joints.

Made to high quality and safety standards to ensure a peace of mind when playing with Dancebot. Recommended by Wall Street Journal 2019 as the best smart Tech robot toy for kids, children, boys and girls as a holiday, birthday, and gag gift, or a romantic surprise for everyone.

Spaceman Robot is a Bluetooth Speaker with bass and crystal-clear treble that connects to phone or laptop via Bluetooth. He has a pair of sparkling LED eyes. He can not only walk, but also dances. Be it your favorite tunes, audiobooks or even voice messages.

STEM Education Robot

Kids are able to program multiple actions on the App. Spaceman will automatically do different actions according to programmed movements and acts while singing. This helps to develop children's creativity and interest in learning.

2 motors in each of the 2 legs and arms drive the Spaceman. The motor extends each joint through 360 degrees of movement to allow him to express audio input in groovy moves, to allow him to walks and dances like a human.